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Carol Leacock, who has played a leadership role in TCA for almost 25 years, is hanging up her gavel BUT NOT HER HIKING BOOTS. So, the Board of Directors thanks Carol so much for her service as President and all her many hours of hard work but respects her decision to step down. We are so happy she will continue leading the hikes.
Look for Carol at the next hike. She will be the one in front.

On February 23rd the Board of Directors passed the torch to Gil Dembo, a long time Board member who has agreed to serve as our new President.

The Board also decided to edge into the world of digital communications. You will still receive our newsletters and hike schedules via US Mail, but look for a request for your email address on our remit envelopes and the hike sign-in sheets.


We invite you to join us in our endeavors by becoming a member or renewing your membership/contribution. Memberships run from September 1 through August.

Just use the new JOIN OR DONATE button below. Please include your email address, which we will not share.

Your contributions and dues will:

  • Support TCA’s long-time partnership with CA State Parks to help maintain and protect current hiking trails for the public. TCA funds services and supplies to local state parks beyond what is included in the State Parks budget.
  • Allow TCA to continue our 32-year-old hiking program. These volunteer-led hikes are free to the public.
  • Help fund TCA’s support for the LA Conservation Corps youth work/study activities

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Membership Dues

Because we have relied heavily on volunteers, we have been able to keep our dues at a mere $5 a year since TCA was founded in 1972. However, due to the drought and heavy trail use, we must consider hiring professional help. The time has come to bring our dues in line with other organizations and raise the money TCA needs to continue our important work.

Starting on September 1, 2016 our dues will be $20, but we welcome donations in any amount.

Joining TCA entitles you to the items below which are available only through TCA:
  • A reuseable TCA shopping bag
  • A beautiful map of local trails
  • Periodic electronic newsletters with hike schedules, updates on important issues and more

These items may be picked up at Palisades Bicycles, 871 Via de la Paz in Pacific Palisades.

Thank you for your support.


Temescal Canyon Association was founded in 1972 to prevent the sale of what is now Temescal Gateway Park to a developer with plans for a golf driving range. In subsequent years TCA helped preserve the canyon from a variety of threats including a cross-mountain road, and in the mid-seventies TCA was instrumental in creating a plan for what is now Topanga State Park.

During the past few years we count among our achievements the bridge at the Temescal waterfall, pictured on the left, several smaller bridges in Temescal and Los Liones Canyons. Under direction of Trailmeister Ron Webster, TCA and the Sierra Club trails crew created two popular hiking trails, one connects Gateway Park with Will Rogers, the other connects Gateway Park with Bienveneda Ave.

TCA has taken a special interest in the creation of a park in Los Liones Canyon. This former dump stretching from the fire station on Sunset Blvd. to the Mormon Church, has been transformed into parkland in part by thousands of hours of planting, watering, and weeding by dedicated TCA volunteers.
We were dismayed to learn that DWP had selected the center of the park as a site for a new substation and subsequently were much relieved when this notion was rejected by State Parks, however we remain vigilant.

An on-going concern of the Association is the purchase and potential development by the YMCA of four acres at the corner of Temescal and Sunset. We would much prefer that this geographical and historical heart of our community remain in public hands, however the property was purchased by the State subject to a previous purchase option, an option that the YMCA after decades of controversy finally exercised. We hope that the YMCA will be responsive to the community's concerns as it proceeds with plans for the site. In the mean time we are pleased to note that the Y has removed their "temporary" chain link fence and so greatly improved the property with a new fence and new landscaping.

Another concern is that there be ample and convenient access from the Palisades to the City park currently being planned on property stretching about a mile in Potrero Canyon from the Recreation Center to PCH. The current plan for the park calls for the only viable entrance to the park to be at the Recreation Center with its very limited parking. TCA intends to continue monitoring the park planning process and will continue to oppose efforts to restrict public access.

TCA also funded creation of a large mural facing the park on Los Liones Drive depicting the canyon's natural flora and fauna. This was the work of several artists under direction of Palisades muralist Terri Bromberg, see detail on right.
For more than 30 years TCA has led hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains. You are welcome to come hike with us. Membership is not necessary, and children when accompanied by adults are welcome too.

In the winter months we hike one Sunday a month. Starting at nine we usually cover six to ten miles returning in mid-afternoon.

In the summer we hike once a week on Tuesday evenings starting at six. In order to finish before dark, these hikes are shorter, usually three to five miles and are not far afield.

For more about our hikes and to view the current hike schedule, please scroll down.
We build trails. Would you like to help? No skill required, and we provide the tools. Just leave your name and e-mail address at the address below and we'll be in touch.

TCA has published a hiking map of our local mountains showing trails, fire roads, and points of interest. The map is free to TCA members or may be purchased at Gateway Park, Benton's Sport Shop, Will Rogers, Trippet Ranch, Palisades Bicycles, or InstaMail (formerly the Letter Shop).

Photos are courtesy of Jim Kenney.

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Would you like to join Temescal Canyon Association? Our dues are but $5.00 a year, which entitles you to our hiking map of the local mountains, newsletters, a reusable shopping bag, and hike schedules. For a donation of $25 we also include a beautiful TCA sweatshirt, the perfect gift!
You may reach TCA -
- By Mail at PO Box 1101, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

- By Phone at 310-454-4188

- By e-mail at temcanyonassoc@gmail.com
Please refer comments concerning this site to: PacPalTed@earthlink.net

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Member or not, you are welcome to join us. We meet at 6:00 p.m. sharp in the Temescal Gateway Park parking lot at the northwest corner of Sunset Blvd. and Temescal Canyon Road. Parking passes will be provided.

Wear boots or heavy shoes, bring water and lunch. We love our dogs and they love hiking with us but most of our hikes are in areas where dogs are not permitted on or off leash. However children accompanied by adults are welcome.

These hikes are usually just three or four miles in order to be back at Gateway Park before dark.

Our hikes are most often in the Santa Monica Mountains on trails ranging from very easy to somewhat strenuous. Please bring any concerns about the difficulty of the hike to the attention of the hike leader before setting out.

In the event of fire closure (red flag day) or questionable weather the hike will either be canceled, or if feasible the leader will suggest an alternative.

  • May 10th: We will explore Will Rogers Historic Park and finish with a glimpse of the mega-mansions on Evans Road.

  • May 17th: From Temescal we will take to Connector Trail, past the Chautauqua reservoir and into beautiful Rivas Canyon.

  • May 24th: We will hunt out Castellammare's hidden stairways.

  • May 31st: From Palisades Highlands we will hike the Temescal Ridge Trail and take in the views from Radio Peak, elevation 1,966 ft.

  • June 7th: Again starting from the Highlands we will explore beautiful Santa Ynez Canyon with its abundance of poison oak.

  • June 14th: From the top of Paseo Miramar a steep climb to the Parker Mesa Overlook, the Palisades finest view point, elevation 1,525 ft.

  • June 21st: We will take the Los Liones Trail up to the Topanga Ridge Fire Road.

  • June 28th: From Canyon Elementary in Santa Monica Canyon we'll walk down the beach bike/pedestrian path, then criss cross the bridges over PCH and return through beautiful Paliasades Park.

  • July 5th: We will do the Temescal loop trails - Up the canyon trail to the waterfall then down the Temescal Ridge Trail.

  • July 12th: From the Will Rogers loop road we will go up the Backbone Trail to Chicken Ridge and back.

  • July 19th: Starting at the top of Bienveneda Ave. we will take the Leacock Trail to the Bienvededa Trail to Temescal Ridge Trail and back down the Leacock Trail.

  • July 26th: From the Rustic Canyon Rec Center we will seek out the secret stairways of Santa Monica Canyon.

  • August 2nd: We will explore the lesser-known trails in Temescal Canyon with the option of staying on for dinner in the Village.

  • August 9th: Ron Webster will lead us on a walk along the now very snazzy Venice canals with their many architectual gems. Again some of us may choose to stay on for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.

  • August 16th: We will finish the season with an easy walk along our own Palisades bluffs.

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  • Maria Bane
  • Richard G. Cohen
  • Barbara Dembo, Treasurer Emeritus
  • Gil Dembo, President & Community Council Representative
  • Shirley Haggstrom
  • Ethel Haydon
  • Jim Kenney
  • Roseanne Landay
  • Carol Leacock, Vice President, President Emeritus, Hike Leader
  • Ted Mackie, Alternate Community Council Representative, Web Master, Map and Membership Chairman, Newsletter and Hike Schedule Editor
  • Susan Orenstein, Secretary
  • Patti Post, Treasurer
  • Norma Spak
  • Brenda Theveny
  • Ron Webster, Sierra Club Liaison & Trail Meister
  • Roger Woods

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  • How is it that TCA dues are only $5.00 per year?
    We have no payroll as we are all volunteers and we do not indulge in litigation. Our $5.00 dues are sufficient to cover our very minimal routine expenses.

  • What is TCA's relationship with local parks?
    There is no official or legal connection between TCA and California State Parks or the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. We do however maintain a close and cordial relationship with the management of both Topanga State Park and Temescal Gateway Park.

  • What is TCA's position regarding the proposed park in Potrero Canyon?
    We are appalled that after decades of moving dirt back and forth and spending around fifty million dollars there is still no park in Potrero Canyon. And we understand that the current plan calls for the one entrance to be at the Rec Center with its very limited parking. TCA will continue to advocate that there be adequate access to this very expensive park in the center of our community.

  • What is TCA's position concerning closure of the Temescal pool?
    For decades the Temescal pool provided hundreds of swimmers with healthful recreation and its closure was a real loss to many in our community. However after several years it now appears that efforts to re-open the pool have been in vain.

  • How difficult are your hikes?
    They vary from easy walks to somewhat strenuous treks. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to query the hike leader or leave a message at 310-454-4188.

  • Can I bring the kids?
    Yes, Children accompanied by an adult are welcome.

  • Can I bring my dog?
    No, We love our dogs and they love hiking with us, but TCA hikes are often on State Park trails where dogs, on or off leash, are prohibited.

  • How do I join TCA?
    Just send a check for $5.00 or more, with your mailing address, to PO Box 1101, Pacific Palisades, CA90272, and then drop by Palisades Bicycles, 871 Via de la Paz to pick up your hiking map and shopping bag. If you donate $25 or more you are also entitled to a beautiful TCA sweatshirt.

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The Temescal Canyon Association was established as a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in California in 1972, and qualifying under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3). The specific and primary purposes of the Temescal Canyon Association shall be:
  • To be an advocate for the preservation of open space in the Santa Monica Mountains.
  • To enhance the public's experience of the open space through building and maintenance of trails, and by leading the public on hikes along these trails.
  • To act as a liaison between the community and the various park agencies.
  • To support and assist the various park agencies in those areas deemed appropriate by the Board.


Section 1. Membership in this organization is open to those who share the interest in furthering the purposes listed above, and who pay the requisite membership fees.

Section 2. Membership fees and dues will be set by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. Each member of this Association will be entitled to one vote. Business brought before the members at any general meeting, annual or special, shall be decided by a majority vote of those present and voting.

Section 4. Annual Meeting - The annual meeting of the members of this Association shall be held in the month of November or December, at a location determined by the Board of Directors. Written notice of the time and place of the annual meeting shall be delivered personally to each voting member or sent to each voting member by mail, e-mail, or other form of written communication, addressed to each voting member's address as it is shown on the records of the Association. Any notice shall be sent or delivered at least five days before the date of the meeting.

Section 5. Special Meetings - Special meetings of the members of the Association for any purpose or purposes may be called at any time by the president of the Association or by any nine directors.

Written notice of the time and place of special meetings of the members shall be given in the same manner as for annual meetings of the members.

Section 6. Liabilities of Members - No person who is now, or who later becomes, a member of this Association shall be personally liable to its creditors for any indebtedness or liability, and any and all creditors of this Association shall look only to the assets of this Association for payment.

The Association indemnifies, and holds harmless, and agrees to defend all officers and directors of the Association against all claims and legal actions to the maximum extent permitted by law.


Section 1. Number of Directors - The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of 15 members until the number of directors is changed by amendment to these bylaws.

Section 2. Quorum - A majority of the current members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 3. Powers of Directors - Subject to limitations of the articles of incorporation, other sections of the bylaws, and of California law, all corporate powers of the Association shall be exercised by or under the authority of, and the business and affairs of the Association shall be controlled by, the Board of Directors. Without limiting the general powers, the Board of Directors shall have the following powers:

(a) To select and remove all the other officers, agents, and employees of the Association, prescribe such powers and duties for them as may not be inconsistent with law, the articles of incorporation, or the bylaws.

(b) To conduct, manage, and control the affairs and business of the Association, and to make rules and regulation not inconsistent with law, the articles of incorporation, or the bylaws.

Section 4. Election and Term of Office - Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall serve for one year from the date of their election, without limitation on the number of years in office.

Section 5. Vacancies - Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled by a majority of the remaining directors then in office even though less than a quorum. A successor director so elected shall serve for the unexpired term of his predecessor.

Section 6. Place of Meeting - Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at any place that has been designated from time to time by resolution of the board. Special meetings of the board may be held at a place designated by the board.

Section 7. Organization Meeting - Following each annual meeting of members, the Board of Directors shall hold a regular meeting for the purposes of organization, election of officers, and the transaction of other business. No notice of such organizational meeting need be given.

Section 8. Other Regular Meetings - Other regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held when called.

Section 9. Special Meetings - Special meetings of the Board of Directors for any purpose or purposes may be called at any time by the president, or by a majority of the current members of the Board of Directors.

Section 11. Removal - A Director may be removed from office, for cause, by the vote of a majority of the directors.

Section 12.Compensation- The directors shall receive no compensation for their services as directors.


Section 1. Officers - The officers of this Association shall be a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, and such other officers as the Board of Directors may appoint. One person, other than the president, may hold more than one of these offices. Officers shall be members of the Board or Directors.

Section 2. Election - The Board of Directors shall elect all officers of the Association for terms of one year, or until their successors are elected and qualified.

Section 3. Vacancies - A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification, or otherwise shall be filled by the Board of Directors.

Section 4. President - Subject to the control of the Board of Directors, the president shall have general supervision, direction and control of the business and affairs of the Association. The president shall preside at all meetings of the members and directors and shall have such other powers and duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Section 5. Vice President - In the absence or disability of the president, the vice president shall perform all the duties of the president and in so acting shall have all the powers of the president. The vice president shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Section 6. Secretary - The secretary shall keep a full and complete record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors, shall keep the seal of the Association and affix it to such papers and instruments as may be required in the regular course of business, shall make service of such notices as may be necessary or proper, shall supervise the keeping of the records of the Association, and shall discharge such other duties of the office as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Section 7. Treasurer - The treasurer shall receive and safely keep all funds of the Association and deposit them in the bank or banks that may be designated by the Board of Directors. Those funds shall be paid out only on checks of the Association signed by the president, vice president, treasurer or secretary or by such officers as may be designated by the Board of Directors as authorized to sign them. The treasurer shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Section 1. Subject to approval by the Board of Directors, the President may establish such committees as the President deems necessary to accomplish specific aims and functions of the Association.


Section 1. Only an officer or other person designated by the Board of Directors may make official statements on behalf of the Association, or state an Association position which is not part of the public record. Whenever a member of the Board desires to make an oral or written statement that does not meet these specifications, and that member identifies himself or herself as a Board member, that member shall clearly state that he or she is not representing the Association on the matter being addressed.


Section 1. Effective date: The Bylaws of the Temescal Canyon Association shall become effective upon the date of adoption by the Board, and shall thereupon supersede all prior Bylaws.

Section 2. How amended: The Bylaws may be amended, repealed, or new Bylaws adopted at any regular meeting of the Board, or at any special meeting called for that purpose. A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board present at the meeting shall be necessary to amend or repeal any Bylaw, or to adopt a new Bylaw.

No amendment or new Bylaw may be voted upon until it has been read at two consecutive council meetings.

The full text of any amendment to or any new Bylaws shall be made available to member of the Board prior to the first reading.

Section 3. No article of Incorporation, Bylaw, or standing rule shall be suspended at any meeting.

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